Same Day and Next Day Junk Removal in San Diego

Same Day Junk Removal in San Diego

No one wants to store a lot of junk. However, it accumulates over time without a conscious effort. Whether you are a homeowner or business unsure of how to remove the hordes of junk you have piling up in your home or on your property, same day junk removal might be a quick solution to clearing up your space.

Do not get discouraged with the amount of junk or trash you have collected—we could all minimize our collectables.

American Haul Away offers same day or next day junk removal in San Diego and can help you haul away all of your undesired items quickly.

Why American Haul Away?

American Haul Away is committed to helping you remove your unwanted items efficiently and effectively with same day junk removal and other junk hauling services in San Diego. We are a full-service company, which means we’re doing all of the heavy lifting—you just have to point. This service is a cheaper option than renting a large dumpster and it is convenient when you need the items removed promptly.

We have years of experience in assisting contractors, property management companies, realtors, renters, homeowners, and businesses. We offer premium services at a discounted price and do all the labor. We recycle all e-waste, most construction scraps, green waste, and scrap metal, but we do not haul hazardous or toxic materials.

What Can American Haul Away Do for You?

American Haul Away can help you in same day junk removal in San Diego, or next day if we’re really backed up. if you have recently conducted a home or a business renovation, are moving locations, in the mood to declutter, or have an unnecessary amount of junk lying around and you want to dispose of.

You might be looking to prevent the junk from being exposed to the weather (sun, wind, and rain); create space to store your belongings; or the simple convenience of just having it removed. Let us help you be in accordance with San Diego’s ordinances and regulations by maintaining proper code enforcement.

Schedule an appointment and we will be there within a two-hour window of receiving your call. A free estimate is available once we evaluate the volume of your unwanted junk and we can assist in removing the following items:

  •      Furniture
  •      Appliances
  •      Yard Waste
  •      Debris
  •      Electronics
  •      Interior Junk and Debris

For a full list of all available services click here.

Contact Us

American Haul Away offers same day junk removal in San Diego. There are some exceptions if we are really busy, but we will let you know ahead of time. With all of the junk you have sitting around, we want you to be relieved of all of your unwanted items. Participate in junk removal services to let us help you declutter. Our prices are based on the amount of junk, trash, or debris you need hauled away. Call us today, to get a free quote (619) 543-0375.